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About The Scout Fieldbook, 4th edition...

"Long time campers have discovered all sorts of tricks to make negotiating the great outdoors easier and more rewarding. The classic reference on the subject is the Fieldbook of the Boy Scouts of America. This giant compendium (over 600 pages!) is filled to the brim with information on hiking, navigation with map and compass, outdoor safety, backpacking, canoeing, mountain climbing, caving, wilderness rescue, weather, the night sky, nature observing and loads more. You'll find articles on sleeping bags, tents, water purification, cook stoves, and just about everything else related to camping. It really is a humdinger of a book. Mine is getting dog-earred from use now, but it's still one of the best investments I ever made."

— Thomas Henry, Trails and Grasslands

A sequel to The Boy Scout Handbook, Scouting's Fieldbook is a manual of outdoor skills for older Scouts and adults interested in a complete guide to terrific adventures on the trail, in camp, and on open water. Author Robert Birkby draws on the experiences of millions of Scouts through the decades for the current edition of this outdoors standard.

Slip this Fieldbook into your pack as a terrific guide to the passion of adventure, skills for the backcountry, and stewardship of the environment - three keys to enjoying America’s national parks and other public lands.
— Jonathan Jarvis, Director of the National Park Service
As a longtime hiker, outdoorsman, and Scouter, I recommend the Fieldbook as an essential read for any outdoor enthusiast, regardless of age or ability. The time-tested skills and practical approaches are a credible invaluable resource that will help make your outdoor adventures fun, safe, and memorable in America’s great outdoors.
— Gregory A. Miller, Ph.D., President, American Hiking Society
This new Fieldbook provides excellent, detailed guidance on how to put Leave No Trace principles into action. Scouting plays a key role in developing the next generation of outdoor stewards.
— Dana Watts, Executive Director Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics