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About Lightly on the Land...

Lightly on the Land is the essential manual for everyone who enjoys America's trails and open spaces and wants to help care for the lands they love. Packed with proven techniques for working in the backcountry. If you've got a trail to build near your home, need to repair the storm-damaged trails system of Mount Rainier National Park, or want to begin the restoration of a desert ecosystem, Lightly on the Land will tell you now.

In addition to conservation crew leadership and risk management, Lightly on the Land presents the nuts and bolts of trail construction and maintenance; building with rock; felling and buckling; building with timber; bridge construction; and environmental restoration. It gets down and dirty with tools, knots, and rigging. Throughout, it teaches how to build pathways and reshape existing routes to require a minimum of attention over the years-essential in this era of shrinking park budgets.
— Mountaineers Books