I’ve had a lifetime of setting out on adventures and then coming home to share what I’ve learned.

From building trails and climbing with world-class mountaineers to mastering the skills backpacking, canoeing, and wilderness navigation, the books I’ve written have covered much of the globe. I’ve also been entrusted by the Boy Scouts of America to write most of the organization’s outdoor literature, including three editions of the Boy Scout Handbook, introducing generations of young people to responsible enjoyment of the outdoors.

Along the way, I’ve instilled a spirit of stewardship and responsibility for caring for the environment, from a favorite local campsite to the great ecosystems of the planet. Click on the covers below to learn more:


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I’ve written a monthly online newsletter for the Boy Scouts of America since 2009. It is a terrific opportunity for me to explore outdoor adventures, skills, equipment, aspects of Scouting’s history, and whatever else interests me at the moment. Explore archived newsletters by clicking on the links below: